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How to record video

  • 1. You can record it with: Shadowplay, PlayClaw, Fraps, Bandicam etc
  • 2. The server administration reserves the right to request record from the external device (a video camera, the digital camera, mob. phone, etc.)
  • 3. In case of record from the external device a monitor a mouse and the keypad must be seen
  • 4. Obligatory! Prior to log in the game show a task manager where absence of the third-party programs giving advantage in game can be seen
  • 5. Having come into the game show recoil
  • 6. Record must be high quality with a sound without editing! (splice, cropping, superimposing of music, etc.)
  • 7. Duration of record is at least 15 minutes
  • 8. Periodically press "Tab" for verification of the score
  • 9. Put this record on Youtube and attach the link to your request

Вы здесь » [BM]Forum » How to record video